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The gameplay is mostly the same as the original, but with more realistic menus, out of place light effects, and new Yugioh cards. The artwork is different and the field is remade. Contents Joey is seen playing at the Wheeler home with his friends. Yugi and his friends are curious to see Joey's new deck. While Joey is preparing his deck, Mike judges a duel between a Yugioh pro and a paladin. After Joey tells the pro that he is going to fight with the paladin, the paladin collapses. Since it's Yugi's first time to witness a duel, he's confused, but Mike explains that the paladin is Yugi's friend Joey's opponent. Joey doesn't know if he is ready to duel, but he ends up challenging Yugi to a duel against his paladin deck. Gameplay Deck preparation Yugi's Deck Joey's Deck The duel begins with Yugi and Joey exchanging dueling phrases. Yugi starts by removing a card from his hand. Yugi's next move is to use the "Entrance" effect, where he takes a card from his deck to his hand. This is followed by the "Standard Attack" effect where he can put a monster card from his hand into his deck. Yugi has four available "Field" cards. He can use them to gain advantage on his opponent by making them discard cards from their hand, or he can use them to gain advantage on his own by making their monsters attack faster or stronger than their opponents. He can attack multiple times with a single "Standard Attack" during the "Special Attack" phase. The opposing deck plays cards from their hand and puts monsters into their field, and they can discard cards to their hand. The "Field" cards that Yugi has access to affect all monsters on his field and monsters in the opponent's field, so the "Field" cards are the most important and useful cards in the deck. The opposing deck can only play cards from their hand and can attack with a single monster each turn. Note: In the above picture, there are two cards that are greyed out, which is called a "cooldown". A card is put in the "cooldown" state when it is being played or when a monster is summoned during a turn, and it is removed when the effect that put it in the "cooldown" state ends. The opposing deck can summon cards




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Download Joey The Passion Crack verpei

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